Logo for Devore, clothing/fashion brand based in St Petersburg, Russia
Grafton Partners logo, for a property developers, using the family crest
Logo for The Outsiders, a research company for the advertising industry
Logo for FST (Family Survival Trust), a charity to support those impacted by cult membership
Logo for consultants to creative industries, Chloé Nelkin Consulting
Logo for design consultants
Logo for web development agency Obsessive Web
Logo for design consultants
Logo for research agency SLS
Logo for freelance journalist and writer Victoria Saddler
Logos for VerbMaps, a website that shows conjugation of verbs in several languages. The logo was adaptable for several languages, and was used on the website and on publications.
Logo for Pinzeria, an Italian restaurant chain in Moscow
Logo for Russian Language Centre, a school for Russian language based in London
Logo for Moscow-based consultancy Nika Consulting
Logo for legal firm Erin Dick
Logo for accountancy and bookkeeping firm JSA

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