This is a series of illustrations about disability, and the services offered by my client. The client does research into the feasibility and usability of consumer products and services for those with disabilities. They also research needs that the disabled have and the kinds of products and services that they would like to see. This illustration shows a group of people with a range of disabilities. The wheelchair is a high performance one, without handles to emphasise independence. Some of the disabilities are invisible (such as neurodiverse conditions like Autism), and others caused by age (most of us will become disabled as we get older). The figure on the right has a cochlear implant, which is a type of hearing aid.
Find and share ideas across communities you choose to engage with.
Participate in research as and when it interests you. Influence design. Help create solutions you will love.
Find products and services more easily that suit your specific needs and context.
As a member of our community you can share your unique perspectives on the experiences you have as a customer. 

When you share your thoughts on ********** you know that  leading brands are listening to your ideas and learning from them. 

Your insights will allow them to create products and services that are better for you and others with needs like your's

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