This is a project for Braun Audio, that I worked on with Jungle Creations, Maria Ivanova and Dream Sequence. The illustrations were commissioned by the electronics company  for a social media campaign for their LE wireless speaker range. The Braun LE speaker was originally designed by Dieter Rams, who was a major influence on Jonathon Ives of Apple. The campaign shows their classic speaker in a range of interiors, from the 60s to a futuristic scene. Each of the illustrations shows an iconic piece of furniture alongside the Braun LE01 and a piece of technology from that era.
This illustrations shows a 60s apartment with the iconic Eames chair alongside the Braun LE01 speaker. The Dylan poster was by Milton Glazer and Andy Warhol’s cover for the Velvet Underground album is on the table. The technology is the Decca gramophone in the corner.
This is an 80s interior, with a view of Berlin through the balcony doors. The iconic chair is the Bel Air, by Peter Shire of Memphis Milano, and the technology is one of the first mobile phones.
An illustration of a New York, loft-style, apartment, from the 00s. The iconic piece of furniture is the Foscarini floor lamp and the technology is the original iMac (actually first produced in 1998, but still very much in use in the 00s). There is a Damian Hirst dot painting on the wall and the balloon dog sculpture is by Jeff Koons.
The final illustration is a futuristic one, showing a Utopian cityscape, with vegetation and blue skies. The technology is the domestic robot (actually these are already available, but they still seem futuristic). The furniture was based on Zaha Hadid’s designs.
The 60s animation was by Maria Ivanova. The idea was to animate the process of a visual being drawn.
The 80s animation was by Maria Ivanova.
The 00s animation was by Dream Sequence.
The Future animation was by Dream Sequence.
The following images were additional graphics created for the campaign. In the end they were not used, as it was deemed the iconic furniture elements were the heroes, rather than the speakers.
In the end these graphics were used, with just the speakers and the Braun slogans.

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