This long, panoramic illustration was the central piece for some literature about Network Rail’s vision for journeys in the future and the part technology could play.
On the left is a major travel hub, with rail, metro, bus and driverless taxis. On the right is a rural station, and in-between, a (rather compressed) journey is depicted. 

The illustrations below depict the journeys - the first is a father taking his two young children to visit their grandparents in the north.
This is the end of the first journey, with the grandparents meeting their grandchildren at the rural station.

Below is the second journey where a senior. partially sighted woman travels to a major city for a business meeting.
The second journey ends here, with Jeanette getting a driverless taxi to her meeting.
This is the cover illustration.
This is the completed leaflet, which is A4 when folded, and opens up to 1050mm wide and 594mm high.

The illustrations have text captions and speech bubbles to help understand the stories and technologies.

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