This is a selection from a series of illustrations done for Spotify and Open Inclusion. They illustrate a report about sound and disability.
The illustrations were done using Open Inclusion’s palette of colours and in a style established in an earlier project. This illustration shows someone listening to classical music in his kitchen.
Some who have particular neuro-diverse conditions find time-keeping difficult, and can use music to following the passing of time.
A wheelchair user with an adapted car, commented that he was unable to change the radio whilst driving, which was annoying when a particular Christmas song came on.
VR allowed some with disabilities to have experiences which would not otherwise be possible. For example a wheelchair user can go hang-gliding.
Sometimes sounds around the home can be distracting to the neuro-diverse.
This shows someone with noise-cancelling headphones on a train, surrounded with noise distractions. Some who have neuro-diverse conditions can find sounds very distracting.
This shows someone meditating using an app, such as Spotify.
This shows someone praying using an app, like Spotify.

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