These illustrations were for a presentation about getting older, for Baileys
A wide range of interests, such as travelling...
‘I love the fact that we get deals in the art galleries’
‘Hot tubs: I put bubbles in it...’
‘I’d like to go to New York, maybe Australia...’
‘As I’ve got older, I’ve got more into classical music.’
‘I enjoy going to pubs, they’re nearly as useful as social centres because most people will speak to you in a pub.’
‘Joe and I would go on holiday a couple of times a year...’
‘I’ve always felt that women get pushed around by doctors; not anymore! I’m fierce – I’m not going quietly into the night – I want to be that feisty old bitch!’
‘... and I told my mum, and the next thing I know my great grandma is giving me an envelope with money in...’
Intergenerational connections
‘Sometimes we have a game at 3am. It’s a social interaction thing, you're having a chin-wag, it’s people I’ve known all my life.’
‘I have quite a big garden and it’s got too much for me now.’
Ageism is mostly associated with the idea of older people not being able to find work.
‘My five-year-old grandson, I was doing something on my phone and he went, “For goodness sake, give it here, Nanna, you don't know what you're doing”, teaching me to be tech savvy. Embarrassing or what?’
‘... all they see is the age.’
‘Maybe they’ll see an old man passing, probably very scruffy with a walking stick, and you can guarantee one of them’s going to say something about it: “Look at that old codger”, “Look at the state of him.” ’
‘One  (advert) on the other day, a bloke comes out the Post Office: “Why are you smiling, Bert?”, “I just sorted out my funeral.” I hate them!’
‘What’s really bugged me since the Brexit referendum is that people of our age are the ones who are being blamed for voting to Leave. I don't know anyone who voted Leave...’
‘It’s all part of the narrative: them and us. They seem to promote a particular way of looking at an age group.’
‘Flat caps... I’ve got one. I thought it would make me look younger but it doesn’t... walking sticks... you're old and knackered.’
‘Recently, when the Queen appeared after the death of Philip and was at Ascot races, they’re beginning to sound very condescending: “Isn’t she doing well?”’
‘A lot of people that live on their own are lonely. It still seems like a myth. They’re on their own and they’ve nobody – that must be horrendous.’
‘Tina Turner. Marvellous lady for her age...’
‘Before Oliver Reed died, he was regarded as a hellraiser, not an old 65-year bloke.’
‘I like a quality drink and I like to try things. We got local distilleries here, Ludlow Gin, I had a bottle of that a few weeks ago.’
There is a certain set imagery for older women: members of the Women’s Institute, making jam...’
‘I think that those stereotypes... the curlers and combed back hair
or the scarf around her head.’
‘... having a lovely time, laughter, kids playing, and a good supply of booze and good food coming.’

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